Saturday, September 19, 2015

So far… so fun!

It's only Saturday night but man, what a fun weekend we've had!

Yesterday after school the big kids went over to the Miller's house.  We've been friends with the Miller's since preschool days but the kids have recently reconnected since their kids left a local charter school and are now back in school with our kids.   Jack and their son play football together and have two classes together at school and Ri and their youngest daughter both play soccer and are in third grade at the same school!   

We love their parents so last night was a lot of fun.  We took this crew out for pizza - along with the girls!   

Thankfully Paa Paa is here this weekend and helping us out with Hizzy!   Not sure she could have handled all the craziness today!

Today was a divide and conquer kind of day…. 

Riley and I headed over to soccer.  Her team won again and she played amazing!   I am so proud of her and how far she's come.  She scored again too!   I talked to her coach after the game and she said Riley was doing amazing and she's so proud of her growth.  She told me she's moving her to striker since she always wins her battles!   Way to go Ri.  

Once soccer was over Ri and I hopped in the car and jetted over to football.  We made it with 7 minutes left in the game.  

Apparently Jack was a starter today and played a ton - even having a few passes thrown to him (none actually made it to him) and he was in the middle of a trick play.  He was successful in the trick play - but just needs to run the ball harder next time.  

I only saw him playing cornerback.  He did great and said he loved it so much.   

Needless to say it was an easy win.  4-0 on the season boys!

 Oh yes- it was homecoming!   So much fun.   
I am so thankful Jack decided to try out for football.  

To top off a great day we took Jack to a very nice steak house for dinner, Del Frisco's.   Celebrating his 12th birthday a few days early!

And it just so happened that our waitress was a Gamecock alumni and told us that Jadeveon Clowney was in the restaurant.   So Jack and I went downstairs to sneak a peek.  

Well- he was leaving so we snuck outside and played it cool.  He was just standing their waiting for his car so we went up to him and asked if he'd take a picture with Jack.
He was so incredibly nice.  I told him I was a Gamecock and he shook my hand!  

What a fun night for Jack.  Amazing memories.

This little cutie is not too happy with us when we leave the house without her!  
I hate it for her but man - she sure does love her Paa Paa so it makes it much easier for me.  
She'll be crying again tmrw AM when we all leave for baseball.  Lucky for her she gets to join us for Jack's 4:00 game!  

Until next time….

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