Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Twelve Years

In honor of our first born turning twelve today I thought I'd do a little something fun.  

Twelve interesting tid bits about Jack.

1.  You may know that Jack's a lover of sports.  
He's played….
12 seasons of baseball - and two summers. 
4 seasons of flag football. 
Several golf tournaments.
One season of indoor soccer. 
Currently in his first season of tackle football. 
Three seasons of basketball. 

But - you may NOT know that he played two seasons of soccer when he was very tiny and HATED it and took ice hockey lessons when he was about 5.  

2.  You may know that Jack loves to eat.  
He loves….
Medium rare steak. 
Well done pizza with bacon on it. 
Crispy chicken fingers. 
Spicy hot wings. 
Grilled bread. 
Crispy broccoli toasted in the oven.
Fish - any kind his dad makes. 
Tuna tartare. 

But you may NOT know that Jack inspects his food like a boss.  He will often smell his food before trying it or will nibble on a small piece like a rabbit to determine if it's edible. 

3.  You may know that Jack loves chocolate - just like his Dad.  
He likes chocolate stored in the freezer.  Trident gum.  Sweedish fish.  Skittles.  Sour punch straws.  

But you may NOT know that he doesn't like cake.  Or cupcakes.  He's requested cookie mush for his birthday (cookies dipped in milk and layered with cool whip).  

4.  You may know that Jack loves baseball (duh).   He's only played 2nd base, shortstop, pitcher and outfield.  

But you may NOT know he's only played third base once in his life.  First base 2-3 games in his life (back when he was 7 or so) and he's never, ever played catcher.  Ever. 

5.  You may know that Jack loves to watch sports.  Football, baseball, golf, you name it.  

But you may NOT know he also likes to watch comedians, magic shows, Ninja Warrior and Adam Sandler movies.  

6.  You may know that despite his short stature Jack is a strong, confident young man.

But you may NOT know that when he was little we were worried about his confidence.  He was a tad shy and wouldn't stand up for himself.   That all changed when he went to TK.  He came out of that school year a changed boy.  I am so grateful we delayed kindergarten.  

7.  Jack was born an old soul.  Don't get me wrong - he loves to have fun with the best of them - but his maturity amazes me.  He 'gets' things that most kids his age don't.  He doesn't like to hurt people's feelings and is as loyal as they come.   

8.  Jack is a rule-follower.  He surrounds himself with friends that are rule-followers (for the most part!)  He has no patience for trouble-makers.  He doesn't need attention and would rather keep to himself most of the time.   

9.  Jack still sleeps with his Dee.   For years he slept with Dee in his arms but now his Dee is relegated to the corner of his bed.  But he still likes him near (makes my heart smile). 

10.  Middle school has been a breeze so far (with the exception of a lost lunch box last week).  His lowest grade is currently at 97.  I'm so proud at how he's keeping himself organized and studying every night on his own  - days in advance for all quizzes and tests.  

11.  He just decided he wants to play flag football again this winter (Nov/Dec).  I thought for sure he wouldn't' want to do it but he's played for the same coach the last cpl of years and really enjoys the boys.  His coach reached out and wants the same team back so he's going to do it again.  So he'll juggle flag football, winter workouts at On Deck and middle school baseball conditioning two afternoons a week this winter.  

12.  I can't believe we're about to have a 12 year old.   Seems like weeks ago I was walking him around Publix for the first time full of anxiety for taking my first trip out in public alone with him.  I'm so thankful to be his mom and really, really look forward to his future.  

Until next time….

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