Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Officially Over

Two weeks ago the big kids started school.
Well - today it was Haddie's turn. 
Sweet little girl was off on her own this AM… walking right into Mrs. Heins class - finger in her mouth- acting all shy…. I bolted out the door so she wouldn't see me.  

Little ham posing for pics this AM before we headed to school. 

Guess she's doing fine- her teacher just texted us this grainy picture of the kids first lunch together.  Guess she's alright.   Sitting at the big kid table all by herself.  

In other news we had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.   We hung out with friends Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday night.   Whew…. we had a lot of time for fun this weekend which was nice.   Todd took the kids to a local festival yesterday with some friends and they had a great time.

Jack's team played their hardest game Saturday and won 26-23.  It was fun to watch.  The teams they play from here on out aren't that good so I hope Jack will get some more playing time.  We'll see.  
 Last night we had a nice visit from our friends Mike and Sally who live in Charleston.   
They brought the kids Uno and Jenga.  

Ri kicked some bootie last night in Jenga- she's good!

And our swing set it getting ready to be sold… I hope.  We are finally starting our pool this December so the old rickety play set has to go.  
 Bitter sweet for sure but lots more memories to be made in that spot soon enough.

Until next time...

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