Monday, August 31, 2015


So apparently the post I wrote last week about back to school never posted.  And it's not in my files.  Weird.  
But I did write a post about going back to school - I swear.   

Never the less - here are Jack and Riley on their first day of school last Monday.  

The first week went well.  A tad bit of homework for each so it wasn't too bad.  This week it'll get harder and time management will come into play for Jack.  Hopefully he can handle it.  

And I think I failed to post this video of Jack walking out as a captain for his first football game.  Todd took this with his phone.  

This past weekend was JAM PACKED.  Todd and I snuck out to a nice dinner alone Friday night while the kids hung out with friends and Paa Paa was here to help out  

Riley played a game early Saturday so the girls and I loaded up to watch.  She's enjoying her new team and having fun.  Hoping the new coaches and time she's spending on the field will make her more aggressive.   

Haddie being silly!

Jack's team won their second game 20-0.  Jack didn't' see the ball at all but he played a bunch and enjoyed it.  I love the atmosphere and his team.  So much fun.  

Water break.  

Saturday night we went out with two other couples and went bowling.  We had a BLAST.  My face hurt at the end of the night from laughing so much.  I can't wait to go again.  

Sunday we were all up bright and early for Jack's baseball tournament.  He missed Saturday but played awesome Sunday.  He pitched and played 2nd base.  So much fun catching up with our baseball family.  

Until next time...

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