Monday, August 10, 2015

My Girls

I am so thankful that Riley and Hadley will grow up having each other.  Sisters. 
It's a bond that I don't know a thing about - but can imagine.

These two love each other deeply.  Lately, when Haddie wakes up in the AM or from her nap the first word out of her mouth is:  Riley?   She wants to be with her all the time.  

Sometimes this is draining on Riley but most of the time she takes it in stride.  They are best friends, already, and I am incredibly grateful they have each other. 

Although they look nothing alike they sure do act alike.  Both of them are fiercely independent (how many times have I written those words on this blog?).  I didn't' think I could raise a more independent child than Riley - but then Hadley came along.  

They are both strong-willed and competitive and at times, jealous of each other.  

Riley is her care-taker, nurturer, teacher and I love every minute of it.   

I hope this relationship continues forever and ever - long after I'm gone.  

Ri trying to give Had a kiss - she wasn't having it. 

It's going to be one sad day in two weeks when Haddie wakes up and realizes her big sissy went to school without her!

Until next time...

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