Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Comes to and End

I seriously cannot believe we're in the the last week of summer already.
Just nine short weeks ago I was stressing over how to entertain the kids all summer long and here we are… three more days.

It's almost hard to imagine that summer is over.  I am ready for school, for our routine, for our 'normal' but I have to admit- it's been nice.  
Riley has slept until 8:30/9:00 lately and Jack slept until 8:30 today…. craziness for our house.  

But then again I am dying to get back in the gym…

So a few more days and then the real crazy schedule begins.   

But for now, we'll enjoy the rest of the summer.   

I hope this video shows up - Riley's been working on her back handspring and was practicing with Paa Paa tonight in her room on an air mattress.  

Last week I took the kids and our neighbors to play putt putt.  Of course Haddie LOVED it!  

EEK!  Jack's schedule came - he's officially ready to start middle school.  
He has lots of friends in his first period class and then knows kids in all of his other classes as well so he should be set.   I ironed his khaki shorts today and white button up shirts (the football team dresses up on Friday's) so his uniform is all set!   

Jack's team scrimmaged another 6th grade team this past Saturday night.  They each completes 10 plays at a time and switched off/on.  If it was a real game our little team would have easily won.  Jack caught a long pass and ran all the way down to the one yard line.  Super proud of my boy.  

After the scrimmage we went out to dinner with a bunch of people and Haddie hung out with us until 9:30.  Little girl is growing up on us!

Can't forget Haddie has been practicing her somersaults too!  Crazy girl. 

On a side note- there is this piece of property at the front of our neighborhood that we've been hiking in for years and years.   We just walked back there Sunday so the kids could fish. 

Well today they started chopping the trees down to make way for a neighborhood.  So incredibly sad.

This was the view this AM…. trees going down.  

Until next time...

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