Friday, July 24, 2015

Maine - Day Three

So day three was better for Miss Haddie than day two. 
She was in a much better mood - even though she was up by 6:00.

We ventured out from our continental breakfast at our Inn for a super yummy breakfast in town.

Cute photo op outside of the breakfast restaurant. 

Loved this cactus garden.  And it's sign. 

We ventured into Acadia National Park in our car on Saturday.  It was a bit gloomy out and only reached 64 degrees.  I have to say it was quite nice to walk around in a sweatshirt and not be sweating outside.  

Besides the vast biking/hiking/riding trails inside Acadia National Park there is lots to do. 
The day prior our nature cruise took us past Sand Beach.   Kinda funny because all of our beaches at home are made of sand….

It was a beauty though.  Water was a balmy 55 degrees so there was no swimming going on - just more rock climbing.  

One of Todd's friends from college, Hank, was up visiting his mom and dad for a couple of weeks with his family.  They were only 15 minutes from us so we drove over to their house on the shore.  Again- another beauty!   Kids played capture the flag while the adults hung out and chatted.  

And… shocker… but another lobster dinner.  Jack ate the most lobster out of all of us. 

For lunch Saturday he had lobster chowder…  so yummy. 

More to come….

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