Thursday, July 23, 2015

Maine - Day 2

Day two in Maine was jam packed with fun but also the most trying day for our little Haddie…

Each night she went to sleep just fine - in her little pack n play and we even had the TV on and she didn't care.  And - she never woke up at night once - BUT… she was up by 6:00 every day.   And coupled with going to bed around 9:30 or so and napping in cars and strollers made for a cranky Haddie on Friday….

But - isn't she cute looking out our porch?

Ri chilling early in the AM before breakfast. 

Our lobby had coffee and tea and several times a day we would stop by and fill up on hot drinks and walk around.   And Haddie LOVED to get herself 'coffee' - a coffee cup and lid filled with ice water.  She was obsessed with it.   

I took this pic looking out from our porch…. Jack was enthralled with the rocks.

Beaches are very rocky up in Maine…. we loved throwing/skipping rocks into the harbor.  

We even had ice cream at 8:30 in the AM…. it was sooo good!   

After an early afternoon swim in the 'heated' pool (it was still freezing) and a cup of chowder we went on a nature cruise around Acadia National Park. 

Someone is sleepy.

All of those little buoys are lobster pots… literally thousands of them around the harbor.  Our nature guide told us that Maine lobster fisherman caught 100 million pounds of lobster last year.   And sold them for 456 million.  Yikes!

It was gorgeous.  Two hours around Acadia and lots of natural wildlife…. breathtaking.  

And of course we ended our day with a lobster dinner!!  

More to come….

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