Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Maine - Day One

Whew…  I feel like I need a vacation from our vacation!
Kidding - maybe.

We had a great time and saw an amazingly beautiful part of the country.   Traveling with a two year old can be hairy at times, but all in all - it was awesome.  Just tiring!

The traveling part of it wasn't bad.  We flew up to Boston and then drove the 5 hours up to Maine.  Hadley did great - thanks to iPads, gum, coloring books and a top notch sister who puts up with a lot.  

The drive up to Maine was easy - the kids all slept and we made it to our hotel (Bar Harbor Inn) around 6:00.  

After checking in and getting situated we walked around the Inn (GORGEOUS!!!) and walked about 5 minutes into town for dinner.  
Of course lobsters were on our mind.  

The most beautiful landscaping surrounded our hotel.  The view was breathtaking - we opened our door to a cute porch with a cpl of Adirondack chairs and the harbor right there.  

Checking out the water before dinner.  

My dinner.  Best lobster roll ever!

More to come. 

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