Sunday, June 28, 2015

Busy Week

Last week Jack and Riley were in camp.  
Ri and her friend Addy did a volleyball camp.  Ri loved it and had a blast.   

Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday so she busted out her tall socks.  

And of course her sister did too. 

 Sweet friends. 

The last day they had a round robin tournament and Haddie and I went to watch - so much fun. 

Riley won the "All In Award."  Guess she was always paying attention, always learning, always doing her best.  Very proud of her!

Jack and his two buddies Nick and Matthew went to a padded football camp.   He loved it and is very ready for tryouts at the end of July.  

The last day of camp they scrimmaged and apparently Jack had an insane catch at the end of the scrimmage.   The coaches told Jack it was the play of the week - another proud moment!  

Meanwhile back at the home front Haddie and played Legos, colored, ran errand and she played with Taylor- her sweet babysitter.  

We've been spending lots of fun time this summer with our good friends the Linner's.   We pretty much hang out in their backyard every weekend.   Haddie loves their entire family and has no problem saying up to 10:00 swimming and eating yummy food!  

Beastmode Hadley ready to go!

Today we are celebrating Ri's birthday - it's tomorrow but we are driving down to the beach.  We'll have a nice dinner with Gammy and Poppy tomorrow night.  

Today she opened her presents and we're going to see Inside Out.  Tonight is a fancy dinner out at her favorite restaurant- Beef and Bottle.  

And to top off Riley special couple of days - her uniform for soccer arrived this weekend!  She's super excited.   

And for good measure- here's Hizzy jumping around - her favorite thing to do these days.  

Until next time!

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