Friday, July 3, 2015


Our first few days at the beach have been fun!  Lots of pool time and some beach time.

Haddie has been a fish in the water - but still holds on to dear life to whomever is with her in the pool.

Slowly but surely we'll be seeing her swimming around on her own - I hope.  

After dinner Wednesday night we went down to the beach club to listen to live music.

After Haddie warmed up she was all about dancing.  So cute!

Before we left for the beach we took Riley to her favorite restaurant for a special birthday dinner.  
It was delicious.  

And of course her Daddy sent her flowers - just like he does every year. 

Didn't catch any pics at Paa Paa's during lunch - but this was Riley's 2nd cookie cake celebrating turning red.  
Lucky girl. 

Until next time….

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