Saturday, April 18, 2015


Well… the weekend filled with baseball turned out to be a wash.  Mother Nature dumped a ton of rain on us last week and the fields were a disaster today.  So no tournament this weekend.  We're supposed to get heavy rain all day tomorrow.  Boo.  I am over the rain. 

But- this morning I had a great time.  One of my friends put together a team to run in the annual Lozilu Mud Run.  It's a women's only mud run - a 5K with 10 obstacles.  We had a blast!  Topped it off with a drink afterwards and chilling with friends this afternoon.   

I think I need to do more things like this for myself.  Such fun. 

Last night Jack had his 5th grade dance.  What a fun night for the 5th graders.  One of our 5th grade teachers is also a professional DJ so he rocked it out last night with out kiddos.   The pics I took at the dance didn't come out- it was very dark to help with the neon theme.   

But - we did have a 'before' party at our house.  The boys hung here - shot hoops and posed for pics.  

So thankful Jack has this group of friends (and Miss Haddie since she's in this pic).  They've had a great year.  Looking forward to middle school with these young men!

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