Thursday, April 23, 2015

AM Sweetness

Since Haddie had her tubes put in four weeks ago her sleeping habits have dramatically improved, as well as her talking. 
I would say she only wakes 1-2 times a week during the night now.  (KNOCKING REALLY HARD ON WOOD….)   And she's sleeping in to normal two year old hours, most of the time.  I'd say her average is 6:30-7:00.  Occasionally earlier, occasionally later.  
I will take it.  
After two years of  nonsense in the middle of the night it's nice to be able to get 8 solid hours of sleep.  

She also wakes up much happier.  In fact- lately she's been quite the cutie in the AM's.  She loves to ride with Todd to take the big kids to school - if she's up.  She puts her own shoes on and sometimes like to bring her book bag.  So cute.  
When they get back around 7:10 we snuggle up on the chair, drink milk, watch cartoons, eat a granola bar, watch videos on my phone, etc…. 

And we take selflies.  She likes to grab my phone and point it at us and say 'cheese!'   Love it.

The cutest thing about her lately is her love of coloring.  Every day she goes out on the porch and pulls her pink chair up to the coffee table and colors with her markers.   Yes- she colors on herself, gets her shirts full of marker, and has been known to mark on the furniture but it's ok.  No new cushions this spring.  Next year.  

This morning she had a breakfast of Goldfish and a chocolate chip muffin on the porch. 
Not the best breakfast but my girl isn't in to breakfast food too much.  

Until next time….

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