Monday, April 27, 2015

Season of Life

Honestly I wonder what I'll do with my time when our children are grown and gone. 
It seems like just about every waking moment of my life is spent doing for my kids - or making preparations, cleaning up after, thinking about what's next…. you know what I mean. 

This past weekend was four baseball games, two soccer games, lacrosse practice, a play on Friday night, Jack's social calendar (which is getting out of hand) and Riley playing with a new friend from soccer.  I can hardly wrap my brain around the craziness some times. 

This weekend is just as crazy.  Four more baseball games, a soccer game, two lacrosse games, a first communion party, a Derby Party and out with friends from CT on Friday…. oh- and I fly in at 5:30 on Friday after visiting my BFF from college. 

Thank God for grandparents.   They have come to our rescue lately.  

A few pics of the big kids this past weekend. 

Until next time...

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