Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Here We Go Again….

Apparently Mother Nature decided to punish us at the END of winter.
Another inch on the ground now (school's out.. again) and a predicted 4-8 inches for tmrw night. 
At this rate we'll be lucky to have spring break.

Poor Hizzy is sick.  Coughing like a crazy lady last night and this AM.  
Ri had her ear check up this AM so I had the DR check Haddie's chest.  It's clear now and let's hope it stays that way.

Our neighbors just went to Mardis Gras last week.  They brought home bags and bags of beads and shared some with us.  Haddie loves them!

These two crack me up.  He posted a pic of the two of them on Instagram yesterday… he adores her to pieces.  

Here we go again.  Big kids are out back with friends right now.  Snow factory apparently.

Snow picnic today.

Yes- that's play dough.  Homemade.  Took 5 minutes to make.  So easy.  She loves it. 

Until next time….

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