Sunday, March 1, 2015

This and That

I feel like it's the calm before the storm.  Baseball, soccer and lacrosse started last week but most practices were cancelled due to our out-of-control weather.  The week it's supposed to warm up for a couple of days but the rain isn't letting up. 
That means fields will be closed again. 

Both Jack and Riley have a real potential to play their first games without real practices.  Crazy.  At least Jack's baseball academy has a huge indoor facility.  Not soccer!!   

Haddie has only been in school three hours the last two weeks.  And she's only been to the gym with me once.   Momma needs a break.  She was sick all last week - bad cough, snot, crabby, etc….  I took her to the DR yesterday during Saturday hours and she has a double ear infection.  So… looks like I am calling the ENT tomorrow to schedule our consult appt before tubes.   

Jack and Riley's school had their Boosterthon Fun Run this past Friday.  Luckily the sun came out and the kids were in school (although they had a delay). 

Jack and his buddies. 

Ri and Syd.

Found this on my phone.  Haddie took this of herself in the car today.   Crazy little lady.

I was looking back at some pics from Haddie's first weeks with us.  I can't believe she's almost two!   No big party this year.  I am thinking a trip to the zoo for her actual birthday.  It's during the big kids spring break so it won't be a problem.  She's super into animals right now and I think she'll enjoy it.  

My little Boomer is growing up!!!

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