Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Snow Day" Number Two and some Haddie Funnies

So it's day number two out of school.
No snow on the ground.  Just some ice.
But that could prove to be a disaster at 5:30 a.m. when the busses are heading out. 
So we have another day home. 

Since the 'snow/ice/sleet/etc' isn't much fun to play in anymore the kids needed some entertainment.  Or, I should say, I needed the kids to have some entertainment.  

Jack had four friends over and Ri ran around with the girls in the neighborhood.  Luckily one of Jack's friends is right down the street so after pizza they headed down the street to play so Haddie could nap in peace.  

Very pretty outside this AM.  

Early this AM the yard was still icy enough to go sledding on.

This picture is just my favorite.   The boys ran upstairs after lunch and hopped on Jack's bed (that Haddie spilled her snack and juice all over earlier)… of course Haddie ran right after them because she can't be left out.  I cleaned up the kitchen and went upstairs to check on her. 

This is what I found.
I had to take a pic!  So darn sweet. 

So a few funnies….

Yesterday Jack and Haddie were playing and he took something from her (or was trying to take something from her).  She leaned into him and said loudly… "GO AWAY!"  I was sitting right there and it was hilarious.  She cracks me up. 

This morning Haddie first cried out at 5:20 a.m.   We were NOT getting her out of bed at that ridiculous hour so she fussed for a bit and then was quiet.   We didn't really wake up until 7:05 and I am not sure if she fell asleep again or just played.  But… when Todd and Jack went into her room to get her she had taken her PJ's all the way off.  She was just chilling in her diaper!  Oh no…  

Until next time….

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