Friday, January 23, 2015

Aruba - Day 3

Every morning Todd would wake up, grab his iPad and cup of coffee and sit in the open air lobby and read the news.  
Our hotel's lobby was gorgeous.  Beautiful chairs and couches - with a view straight to the ocean.  

Before heading to eat breakfast the kids had to check out the animals.

Some friends of ours go to Aruba every year and told us about a great breakfast place (and lunch) named Scott's Brats.  They are a retired couple from Wisconsin who converted a tiki hut into a sandwich shop on the beach.  $4.00 egg sandwiches were a hit for us.   
It was our go to spot the last three days.  

Here's Scott!
Our favorite memory from our trip was the cruise on the Jolly Pirate. 
We stopped at three places to snorkel, jumped off the swing into the clear blue water, and had a delicious lunch aboard the ship.  

Our favorite dinner was the night at Madame Jannette's… Delicious to say the least.

A few selflies at dinner!

More to come. 

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