Thursday, January 22, 2015

Aruba- Day 1 and 2

Aruba. Aruba.  
How beautiful a place you are.  
Aruba is stunning and beautiful.  
We had a wonderful time relaxing, eating, drinking, playing and just hanging out. 
I loved it. 
The kids had a great time but they prefer Turks and Caicos - which I agree is more fun with kids.  
Maybe next year…. 
Here's a snap shot of the first day and a half.

Our hotel, the Hyatt, had lots of fun animals.  Turkeys (and their eggs), birds, iguanas,  etc….

We quickly checked in our hotel, threw on our suits, grabbed a cocktail and hit the beach. 


Thankfully the Hyatt had plenty of rafts… they were used a ton on our trip.  

Every morning the kids checked out the animals.

Lots of fun fish as well. 

Must be the motto of the island.  These signs are everywhere. 

Strolling the boardwalk on the beach.  Headed to breakfast. 

Another use for a barrel.

A fun way to recycle pay phones. 

Breakfast on the first AM… delicious. 

Dinner Night One.  Headed to Gianni's.  It was to die for!

More to come...

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