Saturday, January 24, 2015

Aruba - Day 4

Our last full day we spent on the beach in the morning and then had lunch on a pier overlooking the ocean.   
That afternoon we took a private tour of the island with our favorite cab driver, Robert.  
Aruba is really a sight to be seen - extremely gorgeous with pockets of natural beauty that is breath taking.  

We started our tour at the lighthouse.  
Very cool.  You can see the entire north side of the island from the lighthouse.  

We then drove up to the neatest Catholic Church.  It was founded by the Indians in the 1700's and has since been restored.  Again- you can see a good bit of the island from the church.  

Robert then drove us through the wealthiest of neighborhoods in Aruba.  Very, very nice.  
No pics though. 

There are tons of cacti in Aruba. It's very dry and water is very expensive.  They have massive water holding tanks around the island.  Apparently they use water from the ocean and filter it.  The water is very good and drinkable even from our hotel bathroom sink.   

This is the oldest house in Aruba. 

Our last stop and by far our favorite was the natural land bridge.  
It is stunning and filled with sea salt.  
Over time visitors have made small piles of 'wishing rocks' that scatter the area- of course we made our own.  

This one is ours. 

One more to come….

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