Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What happened?

What happened to my sweet little Boom Boom?
My smiley, easy going, sleeping until 7, eats-everything-in-sight Haddie?
If you find her -please bring her back.   

Man.  We have entered the tough stage. 

The I-think-I-can-do-it-all stage. 
News flash Haddie - you're not a teenager.  

Apparently we now wake up with the roosters - 5:30 or 6:00 is her new normal. 
At least she still naps twice a day. 
And goes down without  a fuss. 

And when she doesn't want to do something (like get buckled in her car seat, get in the stroller or high chair, etc…) she arches her back and pitches a fit. 

She is into everything.  
Climbing on furniture. 
Swinging her plastic golf clubs at the dog. 
Flailing her arms around if you're in her space when she doesn't want you in her space. 
She opens cereal boxes and helps herself. 

She is anti-food these days.  
She used to eat anything and everything - not anymore.  
Barely any fruit or veggies. 
She eats no breakfast - nothing at all.  
She is still obsessed with her bottle and I really need to get her drinking milk from a cup.  

The funniest thing about Had these days is hard to explain - because it's her attitude.  
She likes to show off and often does things for attention….  already!
Yikes.  She is not quite 15 months.
She's funny as hell and I swear she laughs at herself at times.  
Guess we're in for a fun few toddler years.  

She is starting to talk more - but only when she wants to. 
She has 'words' for Jack and Riley.   It's more like "Jaaaa" and 'Yi Yi" but you know what she means.   
She'll say "Ba" for a drink and she signs the word for 'more' when she wants to eat. 
She has said Bye Bye and Ni Ni for night night many times but won't do it when asked.  

She wears me out like nobody's business but man - do I love her so…..

This tough stage will be gone before I know it and I'll look back on it and smile. 
But right now I'd like her to sleep later, eat more and quit being so darn fearless!

Until next time….

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