Monday, June 30, 2014

Birthday Girl Goes to the Mountains


Eight years ago we became a family of four.  
It's hard to believe it's been eight years since you came into our lives. 
And here you are, two years away from double digits. 

This year you wanted to go gem mining for your birthday.  
You've always loved rocks and gems and cool stones. 
A few months ago you had a field trip with gem mining at school so that peaked your interest. 

So this past weekend we headed up to Boone, NC and went gem mining.  
It didn't take as long as we expected but it was really cool.
You and Jack each picked out a gem for the Foggy Mountain people to shine up really nice and mail to you in a few weeks.   

After gem mining we went into Boone for a yummy lunch and then headed out to Grandfather Mountain.   
It was super foggy but we saw the animals and then Dad took you and Jack over the swinging bridge.  
Hadley and I didn't go over the bridge - it was her nap time and she was getting fussy.  

After a trip to Grandfather Mountain we hit up Blowing Rock for some Kilwin's ice cream and some park time.  

We had a nice day together and I sure hope you enjoyed it.  
You received a keyboard for your birthday.  This fall you start taking piano lessons and you are very, very excited about it.  
Luckily the keyboard came with headphones so you can practice any time you want.  
Happy birthday beautiful girl. 

I love you so very, very much. 


(Your yearly flowers from Daddy).

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