Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beach Time

The kids and I are at the beach for a few days.  
Despite the rain that keeps sneaking in we've hit the pool several times and the beach once in two the days we've been here.  

The golf course is completely being redone so it's closed all summer.  
Last night we took a cart ride to check out the course.  
Here's just some of the sod they are laying. 

Pretty cool to watch the transformation. 

This AM Gammy and I took the kids down to the beach after Haddie's nap. 
This was Had's first time actually playing on the beach.  
We didn't last too long because the thunder rolled in and it started to rain but she sure enjoyed it.  

She didn't quite know what to expect at first and was a little leery but warmed up quick.  

We found a previously dug hole and she loved playing in it.  
And Daddy thought his hole digging days on the beach were over!  

Grainy cell phone pics but the'll have to do!
Holding on tight to Gammy's hands. 

Jack and Ri enjoyed swimming in the ocean too. 

Jack's boogie board was lying on the ground and Haddie climbed right up!   
Kinda looks like she's surfing. 

Until next time….

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