Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

It was a bit of a different 4th of July this year for us.  
Since we're leaving for vacation on Fripp Island tomorrow we decided to stay home this week.   

It was quite bizarre being home for the 4th.  We've been at the beach every year for 15 years except when Riley was born and when we were in CT with friends - even then we were at a beach.  

So - there were no big fireworks, no golf cart and boat parade, no beach, no extended family. 
But… we did manage to spend three hours at Cedarwood.  
We had a really good time.  

The kids swam (all three of them). 
The big kids went down an inflatable waterside over and over and over again.  
We had a nice buffet lunch at the club and even a couple of snow cones.  

And I didn't take a single picture - not even on my phone :(.  

We spent the afternoon packing (me), running errands (boys), napping (Hadley), finishing the horse shoe pit (boys), playing on a keyboard (Riley) and chilling outside (all of us). 

The car is packed.  We are going to light a few fireworks shortly and put the kids to bed.  

Until after Fripp!!

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