Friday, April 18, 2014

On Her Own

This picture I took on Wednesday AM.  The big kids and I went down to the chilly beach to check it out. 
I'm kinda bummed it's been so chilly - we haven't spent any time in the pool or the beach this trip and it's going to be a monsoon of rain later today and all day tomorrow.   

I just love this pic though. 

Jack's been busy golfing with Poppy or hitting the range or practicing his pitching non stop.  Ri, on the other hand, has found ways to pass the time as well, by playing 'hibachi' in the playroom upstairs.  
I often wonder what she does when she's off playing by herself.   Last night I was upstairs after putting Hadley to bed and I saw a notebook open to a page filled with writing.  

This page.

Seems Ri was 'taking orders' like she works in a restaurant.  

A few images zoomed in: 

Root 'bear'  - root beer!

I love sweet tea- but only if it's mixed with unsweet tea since I don't like it too sweet.   I always order half and half tea.  

Steak.  Salad.  Pizza.  Salmon.  

Love, love, love this.  See that 'black been burger?'   I order those often too. 

And a little practice with her cursive.  Pretty good!

Sweet girl!  Always finding something fun to do on her own. 

Until next time...

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