Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break

Totally found these pics on my camera tonight. 

These were from Haddie's first birthday - she loves her sweet Hadley chair and spends quite a bit of time in it. 

After spending the weekend watching the Masters (an annual holiday in our house) we headed out on Monday.  We switched up our trip b/c the weather wasn't looking too great for Tuesday.  
We headed to the zoo on Monday.  Although it was great - there were too many people.   If I ever plan a trip to the zoo during spring break again remind me how crazy crowded it was.  Never again. 

Haddie loved the animals and especially liked the aquarium. 

This pic I snapped with my phone while at  stop light driving down to the beach Tuesday. 
Had kept taking her lovies and putting them on her head.  She thought she was so funny.  She stayed awake for almost the entire car ride- only falling asleep 20 minutes before we arrived at Gammy and Poppy's.  

Yesterday afternoon we squeezed in a cart ride and Jack hit balls on the range with Poppy.  After watching hours of golf this past weekend he was antsy to get out and hit some golf balls. 

Today we went out to lunch and the big kids went to the movies with Gammy.  They saw Rio 2 and really enjoyed it.  It was really chilly this AM but this afternoon it warmed up a bit.  Of course Jack walked in the door from the movies, changed into golf clothes and we went to the range.  

His swing isn't what is used to be b/c of all the baseball he plays but Poppy said he made big strides from yesterday to today. 

Luckily for us the azaleas are still in full bloom.  They are starting to fade but it's still very pretty here. 

We didn't bring Ri's clubs so she borrowed Jack's putter and hit the putting green for a few strokes in her leggings…. girls!

And Miss Hadley.  We cleaned out the playroom to get rid of all the little trinkets she could swallow and she's been having a lot of fun.  She discovered the old stuffed horse that can be strapped to your knee.  

We've taken a few walks in her car (thank God we brought it).  It's so pretty walking the course. 

And sitting on the back deck with a cocktail is just as pretty. 

A quick little selfie with my big girl. 

Until next time...

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