Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One Year Check Up

Hadley had her one year check up at the DR today. 
She's a whopping 23 lbs and 28 1/2 inches.  
80% for weight and 30% for height. 
She's slowing down for sure.  
She looks great and the DR was pleased with her progress.  

Poor thing had her appointment at 8:50 so that meant her AM nap was in the car.   She also fell asleep  after her appointment too. 
Sweet thing. 

We played outside yesterday afternoon for a while - it was gorgeous. 
I actually managed to snap a pic with my phone of all three kids.  Except that Ri thought I wanted them to make silly faces.  Not. 

 The big thing around here is getting Had to walk.  I swear it's a team effort.  The entire family is in on the fun of getting our boomer to walk.   
I was in the bathroom this evening and I hear Jack yell- "MOM! Come here!!"
I ran from the bathroom into the playroom thinking something was wrong but no… I guess Hadley walked half way across the playroom. 

Of course I tried to replicate that walk halfway across the room.  

Nope.  She can walk- it's just not her quickest way to get around.  

She'll be there soon enough. 

Until next time...

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