Friday, February 21, 2014


So far Hadley has been crushing milestones left and right. 
Crawling, pulling up, eating, sippy cups, etc. 

And now she's talking. 
I swear to you the girl has some words. 
They may not be 'clear' words but she has them. 
She won't say them on demand either but she does say them. 

So far she has the following words: 

Da Da - this definitely means Dad now.  Although she'll babble Da Da quite a bit she does say his name when he comes hom. 
Ma Ma - when she's winey, hungry or just wants to be held she'll crawl over to me saying Ma Ma,  Ma Ma.  It's so cute. 
Zizzer- this is her version of Swisher.  She's been saying this for a few weeks now.  At times she just makes the zzzzzz sound over and over but more often that not she'll say Zizzzzzer.  
Bubble:  I always squirt a little baby soap in her bath and she plays with the bubbles.  She clearly says bubble now.  
Balloon (or more like boon):  when I turned 40 Todd bought me a couple of mylar balloons.  We still have one floating in the kitchen and Had loves pointing to it.  She now mumbles boon, boon, boon (without opening her mouth too much - it's so funny).  

She will also say things that resemble Hi and Bye but you can't always tell.  She waves Hi and Bye all the time though.  

It's hard to believe that she used to lie around and do nothing but sleep.  
Before we know it she'll be in kindergarten. 

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