Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Things are about to pick up once again.   
Baseball starts tomorrow night and soccer starts next week.  
Tournaments start a week from Saturday - the same day Ri's soccer games start. 
I do have help on the horizon though. 

A sweet girl, who comes highly recommended, is coming this Saturday for a few hours to meet the kids and hang out.  She's 22, studying to be an elementary school teacher and lives at home- about 10 minutes from here. 
I am praying this girl is my answer to dragging Miss Priss along to all the games every single weekend. 
My plan - if it works out - is for Ashley to come on Sunday's and keep the girls. 
Then I have one day to focus on Jack since I'll be spending Saturday's at Ri's games and hopefully some of Jack's.  
Paa Paa will join us for a couple of those weekends too so there will be plenty of hands for Haddie! 

I'm ready for the craziness to begin.  We like busy around here. 
Spring is coming soon, although the rest of this week is going to be super cold. 

I love this pic of Had and her Paa Paa.  Haddie has a special bond with her Paa Paa that will never be broken.  It's super cute to watch them together.  I'm so glad she retired a few years back and gets to spend so much time with us.  

This past week or so has been gorgeous.   Every afternoon we've been outside. 

Had LOVES the shoe closet.   She digs in there like the shoes are her toys.  
She finds a couple to hold on to and spins around and around like a merry-go-round. 

This past Sunday Todd and I dropped the girls off at Paa Paa's and headed down to the USC baseball game with Jack and his buddy Aidan.   It was another gorgeous day and we had a ton of fun. 

I babysat this kid a few times.  Grayson Greiner is the catcher for USC and I worked for his dad at a his restaurant in college and babysat some for his older brother and sister.   I only watched Grayson a few times but I remember him being HUGE like his dad.   

 I was sifting through photos of when Jack and Ri turned one to use at Haddie's first birthday party.  I found this gem for Ri.  Her face sums it up!  Drama at a young age.  
And those keys she's hiding?  We still have them in our playroom.   

Until next time...

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