Friday, February 28, 2014

Bubbles and Running

We signed Riley up for an Einstein Science Lab class after school on Wednesdays for eight weeks with her good friend Lexi.  She's been to three classes and LOVES it. 
She comes home so excited from every class and wants to replicate the experiments that she creates in class. 
This past week they created bubbles and played around with different ways to make them etc….
This is what she was doing last night: 

If they do another class at the school we will definitely sign up for it. 

Yesterday was the Boosterthon Fun Run at school. 
Both kids had a blast and ran well over the 35 laps that they got pledges for.   I think Ri ran about 40-45 and Jack said he ran 55.  I guess he counted.  35 laps is two miles so it's no surprise that Jack told me his legs were sore this AM.  Plus baseball practice started this week so all those squats and lunges probably hurt too. 

Riley's teacher was super in to the Boosterthon, emailing us every night updates etc…  Her class came in 1st place in first grade and I think 3rd in the school.  The principal is going to kiss a pig this afternoon (our school collected pledges from all 50 states) and Ri's class gets to watch.   So much fun!

And little pries is still OCD about shoes.  She was literally IN the closet this AM spinning around playing with shoes.  
What a ham!  She went to school with me yesterday for the last run and smiled at EVERYONE!  So thankful for such a happy, friendly baby. 

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