Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Boom Eats Spaghetti

Boomer is fully on real food now.  
No more baby food, baby cereal was done with weeks and weeks ago. 
Before we know it she'll be on milk too!
Ugh. My baby is growing up. 

She loves MOST foods.  
Chicken parm.
Grilled chicken. Cucumbers.  Red peppers.  Berries.  Apples.  Bananas.  Grilled Cheese.  

And spaghetti.  
I haven't been brave enough to give it to her b/c let's be honest- it makes a big mess. 
But Daddy was hanging out with her one morning last week while I was outside with the big kids playing in the snow. 

I came in to grab something and saw this: 

Num.  Num.  

She loved it. 

I can't get her to eat butter noodles or mac-n-cheese but she sure did love her spaghetti. 

Until next time...

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