Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Beginning to Melt….

We're starting to see our driveway for the 1st time since Tuesday.  
Just a little bit. 
It's 2:00 on Friday afternoon and the kids have been outside since 9:00 this AM. 
And they spent more than eight hours outside yesterday. 
Kinda hard to make them come in and read when it could be years before they see this kind of snow again. 

Last night they headed back out to night sled while we had drinks with the adults. 
This AM they were right back out sledding. 
They also made a 'restaurant' and two castles with the chunks of snow/ice and had a picnic lunch with their friends. 
So much fun and such great memories. 
Brings me back to my days as a kid.  We did these exact same things. 
Hadley even joined in on the fun yesterday and went down the small hill with her Dad. 

Until next time….

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