Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's a Snow Day

Another snow day for the Milligan children.  
Today was their third full day out of school - tomorrow is their fourth - and most likely Friday will be their 5th.   Wonder if they'll have spring break.  

The kids have seriously had THE BEST time today.   Jack said to me at one point - after putting on all his snow gear once again "Mom- this is the best day of my life."  
Well then. 

Miss Priss didn't get to enjoy it too much but she took a few peeks throughout the day.  

Jack earned enough money to buy himself an Air Soft Gun.  I guess they're all the rage right now - it's like a kid bb gun. 
I'm not a fan but he only uses with his dad and uses googles.  
Todd hung targets from the play set to they went out this AM and practiced.  

And we watched. 

Jack did let Ri have a chance later though.  So nice of him… (insert sarcasm). 

It seriously snowed almost the entire day.  I think we got about 8 inches.  It's supposed to snow more tonight and then freezing rain/ice will pile on top of the snow.  
What a mess this town is… I guess we were on the national news b/c of  this craziness. 

A couple videos from tonight- Todd and Tim built the kids a 'luge' to sled on.  Right next to it they have a 'snowboarding' track.  Kinda funny since we've been watching the Olympics non stop.  

More to come tomorrow.  

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