Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snowpacolypse 2014

Two weeks exactly after our last round of snow we are in for a doozy this week. 
Today was the 'storm before the storm' and we have a couple of inches on the ground.  Nothing on the driveway or streets but there's plenty of wet, heavy snow in the yard.   It's great for building snowmen but not so great for sledding. 

But…. tomorrow we're supposed to get anywhere from 4-8 inches more of snow w/ sleet/ice on top of it.   Needless to say we are homebound for a few days.  

The kids didn't get out to play in it this afternoon - both of them weren't feeling super great.  Ri has a snotty nose all of a sudden and Jack had a random fever late this afternoon and took a nap.  He's much better now and we're watching the Olympics.  Hoping it was just a fluke and they can both get outside tmrw and enjoy this beautiful snow. 

We did go outside for a quick few minutes tonight after Hadley went down and the kids packed a bowl of snow, threw some Oreo's on top and had a few bites for dessert.  

Days like these, stuck inside the house, make me a bit twitchy to say the least.   This afternoon we busted out the cars and trains.  Thank goodness I never got rid of them.  Hadley thought she was in heaven.  It occupied quite a bit of her time - which was great considering her afternoon nap was OVER at 1:00 today.  (Yes - she was passed out cold by 6:00 tonight). 

Another fun video of Boomer doing what she does best- taking 'things out of where they belong.'  She does this with many things around this house.   I often follow her around and put stuff back only for her to crawl back around and empty those things once again. 

Until next time...

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