Sunday, February 9, 2014

Boom City is 10 Months!

Our little Boomer is quickly approaching her first birthday. 
It makes me happy and sad at the same time.  For sure it's bittersweet. 

I mean look at that face?

Let's see.   Ten months.  Double digits.  
Lots has happened this past month.  


Have many nicknames:  Boom.  Boomer.  Boom City.  Had.  Haddie.   Haddie Mae.   Mae  Mae.  
Have been sleeping much better this past week.  
In fact you're back to sleeping 12 hours or so at a time. 
Let's hope that lasts. 
Nap twice a day.  The times vary from day to day.   Usually one nap is much longer than the other - but that can change too.  
Have all but given up baby food or pouches.   Too bad I stocked up on them :(-  
You eat mostly table food b/c you prefer to feed yourself.  
Breakfast normally consists of a fruit (banana or blueberries) and an English muffin or pancake. 
Lunch is normally more fruit, cucumbers or red peppers, chicken or hamburger of some kind. 
Dinner is like lunch. 
You've had Chic-fil-A a few times.  I order you a four pack grilled nugget meal w/ fruit.  You love it!  
We try to give you what we eat as long as you can chew it.  
Drink 4 bottles a day - three of them before naps/bed and one late afternoon. 
Drink formula in a sippy cup sometimes.  

You love to feed Swisher.  If you don't like something you will just pick ip up and drop it on the floor for Swisher to enjoy.   Needless to say he stays close by your side when you eat. 

The biggest change this past month is you are pulling up constantly.   
About a week and a half ago you would pull up a few times a day. 
Now you pull up all of the time - on anything.  
And if the 'item' you have pulled up on will move - you push it around.  Often you will scream and holler when the 'item' moves b/c I think it freaks you out that you're not just standing there.  But you work it out.  
Another big change is we've experience your first real temper tantrum
Now you've gotten upset about things before but this past Thursday night was a meltdown of epic proportions. 
See this pic below?

Yes- you were playing with the vacuum cords.  I was getting ready to vacuum the floor and you wanted to play with the cord.  I let you for a few minutes.  I noticed that you were getting tangled up so I moved the cord.  Oh my - you were not happy.
You flipped out.  Crying hysterically because I moved the cords. 
You wanted me to hold you and then you wanted down and we did that over and over while you cried. Very loud.  
Jack and Riley and I were kinda giggling (shame on us) b/c honestly it was kind of funny. 

What wasn't funny was Friday AM you acted the EXACT same way.  
Constantly P.O.ed when a toy didn't do what you want or a book didn't stay open.  
Whew- you wear me out sometimes!  
Luckily I haven't seen any more of those tantrums since early Friday.   Hopefully they stay away. 
We bought a new stroller that you're totally loving.   It's a jogger that we can use for tournaments and soccer games.  You can recline all the way back for naps while we're out watching the big kids play their sports.  
We went up to school on Friday night for Love the Arts Night and you totally fell asleep in the loud gym.  I was so happy!  I hope you nap well in it.   
Maybe we'll even get you to nap in it this summer at the beach.  Just maybe. 

We've finally transitioned you to the bath tub without anything 'protecting' you.   You were in the baby seat for months and then the last few months we've had you in an inflatable tub so you couldn't move around too much.  
Right after we returned from our trip we bought a mat to put on the bottom of the tub so you don't slip and slide and you have absolutely enjoyed being 'free' in the tub.  
I snapped this pic last night: 

You love playing with jack and riley and your face continues to light up when you see them. 
Riley tries to take care of you and hold you at times while Jack just hovers oh-so-close without being too close.  

Addy and Evelyn love coming over to play with you. 
The other day the kids set up a Mae Mae Amusement Park.  You had so much fun with them. 

 We don't have many toys left from the big kids that you can play with without choking on some part. 
But- we do have a couple of old 'lap tops.'  
You mastered turning this thing on and off and love playing with it.  
All you do is press buttons but it's super cute.  
And you're so proud of yourself.  After you turn it on you look around for someone to cheer for you. Luckily there's always someone close cheering you on.  
You're lucky in that respect.  Four of us- always in your corner.  

One of my favorite things about this blog is to add pics of Jack and Riley as the same age as Hadley is now.  
Luckily the Shutterfly App on my phone and iPad makes this super easy.  

Here's Ri at 10 months.  She could barely pull up and wasn't really crawling yet.  She could scoot a little but was very content to chill by her red chair. 

Not sure if she liked the snap peas!

And Jack.  We moved to Charlotte when he was 10 months old.  

Not sure what he's doing here…. :)-

And some videos of prissy. 

She makes tons of noise now… listen for yourself. 

This video cracks me up.  She isn't the cleanest eater when she feeds herself.  
ANd she likes to 'tell us no' quite a bit now. 

Happy 10 Months sweet baby girl. 

Until next time...

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