Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting Closer

Well our little Boomer is getting closer and closer to walking each day.  
She literally went from pulling up once/twice a day one week ago to pulling up constantly all day long this week.  
She's a woman on the move. 
And we love her so.

She often will join us for a 'second dinner' at the big table.  I snapped this fuzzy pic the other night when she was chewing on her sock while she patiently waited for more food.  
We had pot roast, peas, rolls and salad.   I gave her small bites of all of these foods and each time she would pick up a pea it ended up on the floor for Swisher to enjoy. 

A few snapshots of Boomer standing around the house. 

Last weekend we went to our neighbor Stella's 2nd birthday at the park.   I have completely forgotten about this park - it's amazing.  Filled with paved trails, creeks, woods and playground equipment. 
Hadley went on her first swing ride at a park. 

We went back the next day for a nature walk. 

Until next time...

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