Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Turning 40

I normally don't like to blog about myself b/c let's be honest - the kids lives are much more interesting…
On January 25th I turned 40. 
That calls for a bit of a celebration. 

On Saturday the 25th we had a nice quiet family night.  
Todd and the kids got my flowers, decorated with banners and balloons and "over the hill" tape and made a nice dinner.   
It was perfect - since we had just returned from our trip two nights prior. 

This past weekend we celebrated with close friends.  
Todd rented a limo and we headed out for drinks, dinner downtown and a nightcap filled with cake, more drinks, games and fun.  

Todd and I about to head out.  Riley photo bombed us from the limo. 

All the ladies (minus one who joined us later) for drinks before dinner.  

Angie and I.   

Birthday cake by Angela! 

The girls (along with some help from my mom and Todd) put together this awesome montage of pics from my life.  It was so great. 

 Breaking out the 'staches.

The boys turn. 

Happy Birthday!

One of my pics on the montage was of me with dice earrings.  Of course I had to replicate it. 

Tracy and I being silly. 

One more. 

It was a perfect night with the perfect people!!

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