Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in Kentucky

Our third trip to Kentucky for Thanksgiving was tons of fun. 
It snowed our first night there. 
The kids had fun playing in it the next AM. 
The big kids and a few adults went to a UK basketball game which was awesome for Jack.  UK is ranked number 3 (I think) in the country and the games are packed.  Uncle Craig scored some great seats for everyone. 
After the basketball game everyone but Hadley and I went to Uncle Craig's volleyball match. 

There was a little bit of drama thrown in for good measure. 
Hadley was super snotty the entire time. 
She threw up on me the 2nd night. 
I had the stomach flu the 3rd night -- Thanksgiving. 
No fun :((-

Great times as usual with the Skinner/Milligan clan.  

Hadley was great on the ride to and from. 
Only fussy a few minutes each way. 

Ri and Izzy are two peas in a pod. 
This pic I snapped on my cell phone in the dark the first night we were there. 

At the UK game. 

Jack in the men's basketball locker room.

Our Thanksgiving menu written out by Sophie. 

Fun in the snow. 

Ava was like a second mom to Hadley- so sweet!  Can't wait for all her help at Christmas time. 

Thanksgiving Day fun.

Tired girls on the trip home.

Until next time...

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