Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm in Trouble

Girlfriend in on the move. 
Hadley is now crawling easily across rooms. 
And she's not quite eight months old. 
Already wearing me out. 

So different from her big sister. 
I wrote this post about Riley on May 13th, 2007.   Six weeks shy of Riley turning ONE. 

Our lazy bones still doesn't crawl. She spent some time this weekend around some little friends that are younger than her and crawling so I was hoping she'd take a hint and get a movin'. No chance. She's all about chilling on the floor, playing w/ her toys. She'll flip onto her belly and twist herself around and scoot backwards, but then gets mad and wants to sit again. She loves to stand up against the ottoman or her LeapFrog play table, and is starting to cruise just a tad, but will probably skip the whole crawling thing. Oh well- it's more time I have before installing gates in our new house, which I don't want to do.

Not our little Hadley Mae. 
She has been crawling for a couple of weeks but now she really scoots. 
She easily sits up too from being on the floor. 

She crawls straight to Swisher all the time. 

And goes right for the electronics, even opening the DVD player yesterday. 

This video I am going to use to bribe her one day. 
She will hold on to her toys and go to town!
It's hilarious. 
Love my boo boo. 

Until next time...

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