Monday, November 25, 2013

And She's Off

I finally remembered to get some video of Hadley crawling.  

At this rate who she'll be walking by Christmas!  Just kidding- seriously though - I can't believe how much she's on the move. 

Jack ended up only playing one game this weekend and they won easily.   It's always fun to watch him in his zone - he loves it. 
Sunday's game was cancelled.  Thank goodness b/c it was only 45 degrees yesterday. 

Tomorrow we head to Kentucky for Thanksgiving.   I am hoping the weather doesn't ruin our travel plans.  

I found this gem from eight years ago:  Sophie and Jack from 2004 in Nebraska!  

And three years ago in Kentucky.  

Big game this week!  Go Cocks. 

Happy Thanksgiving!   
Blog break until we get back!

Until next time...

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