Thursday, November 21, 2013

This Past Week

NO official pics or video yet but Hadley is crawling.  
She will take 3-4 crawls, plop down and roll, scoot and twist her way to where she wants to go. 
Then she will get up and do it again. 
She crawled/twisted/scooted across her room and into the bathroom tonight. 

I am going to work on getting her videotaped this weekend.

So- this week.....

Leaves have been raked into piles and leaf houses. 

Rocks have been 'worked on.'  A few fingers have been hurt in the process. 

Jack has played two flag football games.  His team is 1-1.  

Two more games this weekend. 

The girls and I only went to one of the games. 

A 7:30 p.m. game during the week is a bit late for the ladies. 

But Jack doesn't mind.  

Mother Nature brought us temps in the 70s early in the week.  
Not anymore. 
This Sunday will be a high of 45. 

I officially snapped a pic of Had's two teeth. 
They've been there a cpl of weeks but I couldn't get a pick until now. 

Excuse the grainy pic but I had to post this pic. 
Hadley got mad at me for not letting her chew on a book. 
She flew herself backwards (into a pillow thank God) and gave me these pouty face. 

Fiesty little girl. 
Taking after her big sister!

Jump fest 2013 in the playroom.  

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The 218 lb Elephant said...

Ha! so cute! I adore all the pictures of the favorite is Riley's "really mom" face!

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