Monday, September 23, 2013

What a Weekend

That was a busy weekend. 

On Friday Jack had a few buddies from school over to play and eat pizza. 
And dig into this delicious NY Giants cake (and rice krispie football for Jack). 

Twizzlers (one of Jack's fave candies) in Giants and Yankees cups. 

One of Jack's best buds from preschool turned 10 on Friday. 
He had a party at Sky High on Saturday. 
Fun weekend for those two. 

On Saturday Riley had her third soccer game.  
With the weekend off from baseball we were all able to go watch Ri play. 
She's really into it and has a great group of girls on her team. 
We are hoping they can all play together in the spring. 

Miss Hadley tags along to all the games and is such a trooper. 

The birthday boy enjoyed club level seats with his Dad to watch their beloved Giants get their behinds stomped by the Panthers. 
It was a miserable showing for the G-Men. 
The boys had fun though and two of Jack's best buds and their Dad's went too. 
They even lucked out and watched the 2nd half in a luxury sweet - courtesy of Dad's company. 

Jack requested a chocolate chip cookie cake with no chocolate chips and pink frosting for his birthday. 
I have no idea why. 
The boys finally returned home around 6:30 and we sang Jack a quick Happy Birthday - enjoyed some pink frosted cookie cake - and the entire house crashed early!

Great birthday and great weekend. 

Until next time...

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