Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I was randomly looking back at some old blogs tonight.  

Ran across this one from exactly six years ago today.

Notice that last sentence.  Whoops.   

I will never forget that period of time.  I was reluctant to give that night time bottle up b/c that snuggle time was so special.  
Little did I know that I'd get a chance to do it again. 

I feel so blessed. 


Bottle No More

It's 7:00 and RiRi is down for the count, without a bottle. Night number two.


I thought this day would never come. My girl loved her bottle.

I changed up her nighttime routine so it's all different, but she's asleep and didn't make a peep, so it was pretty easy. I give her a quick bath and then lube her up w/ lotion (I offer her some milk in a sippy) and she drinks a little. She still looks around for herbaabaa, but it's not there anymore. I dress her and brush her mane while I say, "Let's read some books." She's OCD about books these days, even following me around w/ a book until I'll stop what I am doing and read it to her over and over.

I quickly brush her teeth (I get a turn and then she gets a turn) and then we sit and read two books. She could read many more, but two's my limit at night.

I must say, I miss the bottle and that cuddle time and I'll never feed one of my babies a bottle again, but time has come.

Until next time...

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