Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ten Years

My oh my...
Where do I begin?
My sweet baby boy, my first born, turns ten today. 
In honor of this momentous occasion I have penned a letter to Jack. 


Dearest Jack, 

When I was young, very young in fact, I knew I wanted kids. 
I knew from my earliest memories that I wanted to be a mom. 
It just seemed so natural to me. 
I was the babysitter type of teenager who LOVED working with kids. 
Being a mom was a dream of mine. 
A stay-at-home mom was a long-shot dream of mine. 
You, my sweet boy, made me a mom. 

I'll never forget that late January evening in 2003.  Your Dad and I were out to dinner and I had a weird feeling that you might be growing inside my belly. 
A few hours later my feeling was confirmed. 
I wanted to keep it a secret for a couple months - but true to form I just couldn't keep the big news to myself.  

I truly don't think I have ever been more excited in my life than I was to meet you. 
Nothing else mattered to me once you were growing inside me.  
There is NOTHING in this world like expecting your first child. 
I had your nursery ready to go months before your arrival (shocking - I know).  
I would lie in bed at night and pray to God to let you be a healthy baby.  
I wanted to kiss your cheeks so desperately. 
And on that fateful day on September 22, 2003 you came into this world. 
With chubby, lovable cheeks. 
Your poor cheeks were kissed so much the first couple years of your life.  I just couldn't help myself.  

Six Months

Your Dad and I were obsessed with you from day one. 
You were a happy baby and loved so very very much.  
You were a good sleeper and never got into too many things. 
Lucky for me your Dad landed a great job and as soon as you turned 8 months I became a stay-at-home mommy and was able to be home with you all the time.  
My dream came true. 

One Year

You were always a happy baby and that led to being a happy toddler. 
Sucking your thumb and putting your opposite hand down your pants was a way of life for you.
Preschool was so much fun for you and we enjoyed music and gym classes together.
Your became attached to your "Dee" at an early age and still sleep with him (although he seems to be shoved under the bed now when you have someone sleep over).    

Two Years

Your Dad has always been a huge sports fan and played sports his entire life. 
I always hoped that you'd follow in your Dad's footsteps. 
Lucky for me you did. 
You've played baseball, golf, basketball, soccer, flag football and lacrosse. 
Whew- writing that down makes me exhausted. 
You've settle into baseball and golf. 
Just like your Dad did...
Watching you play baseball and golf makes my heart smile. 

Three Years
There are many, many things I love about you. 
You are a loyal friend. 
You are friends with everyone and have many close friends. 
You stick up for people. 
You have been called a 'silent leader' by all of your teachers.
You are honest and inquisitive - often keeping your Dad and I up at night asking us deep questions about our childhood and life in general. 

Four Years
You make the right decisions - most of the time. 
You are a rule follower and a pleaser. 
You are a space cadet and have to be reminded quite a few times to do things. 

Five Years
There are many things I want to remember about you....

You don't like physical games. 
Your feelings get hurt easily - especially when an adult is upset with you. 
You love your sisters fiercely, yet at the same time but heads with Riley constantly. 
You won't eat mac-n-cheese but will eat raw tuna and medium rare steak. 
You'd rather be outside tossing the ball than inside reading any day. 
School comes easy.   The academic and the social parts. 
You want to be an MLB player when you grow up. 
You love to swim and watch sports on TV. 
Your memory for sports statistics and player stats is scary  good. 

Six Years
Math is your favorite subject in school. 
You are a creative writer - but would never admit it. 
"Girls" still have cooties - or whatever that means.   You get embarrassed when we bring up girls.
Geting you to wear a collared shirt is almost impossible.
Your favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.   

Seven Years
Your favorite breakfast foods are: 
crispy bacon
fried eggs - over medium
grits w/ maple syrup
ham omelets - no cheese
egg sandwich with bacon and sausage - no cheese

Your favorite lunch foods are: 
ham subs from Jersey Mikes
turkey roll ups
hamburgers and french fries

Your favorite dinner foods are: 
any seafood cooked by dad
wings- spicy (dipped in ranch)
white rice w/ tons of soy sauce

Eight Years
Life has been good to you. 
You don't know the meaning of suffering. 
I wish you had a better grasp on life outside our middle-class bubble. 

Nine Years
I am fiercely proud of you.  
You are slowing turning into a young man before my eyes. 
It scares me to death because I know one day you won't be my baby boy anymore.  
Well- maybe you already aren't my 'baby boy' but you made me a mommy. 
That is something you and I will share for life.

I dream big for you Jack.  
I dream....
For you to find your passion in life. 
For you to make a difference. 
For you to be happy.
For you to protect your sisters as they grow up. 
For you to stand up for what is right and not be ashamed. 
For you to be accepting of all people. 

And if I could be so bold to dream one more thing for you: 
I dream for you to make me a Grandmother. 

I promise to always be there for you. 
To listen when you need an ear. 
To catch you when you fall. 
To offer you my shoulder to lean on when you need it. 
To not be your friend, but your parent. 
To teach you right from wrong. 
To lead you in the right direction. 

But know this Jack. 
Your Dad and I can lead you in the right direction, steer you down the right path, guide you. 
But ultimately this life is yours to lead. 
You will fall down. 
More than once. 
But pick yourself up, dust yourself off and understand why you fell. 
And then stand tall and try again. 
And always, always know that your Dad and I love you. 
No matter what. 
We love you. 

Did you hear me?
We love you. 

Happy birthday my sweet boy.  Or shall I say...
Happy birthday young man. 

Ten  Years

Until next time...

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