Thursday, September 12, 2013

Miss Donna

Miss Donna's first official day w/ Hadley was today. 
She came last week but I stayed to 'show her the ropes.' 
Today I went up to school, had my toes painted, teeth cleaned and enjoyed lunch outside by myself!


And Hadley LOOOVEES Miss Donna. 
She napped in her crib for her, smiled, ate lots of baby food, went for a walk and only cried once when Miss Donna sneezed and that scared her :)!  

She even texted me pics and updates throughout the morning and left me two pages of notes in a journal that she's keeping here!  How sweet.  I didn't even ask her to do any of that. 
Miss Donna knows what she's doing! 

Here's Hadley's AM: 


She polished off a bowl of cereal, bananas and sweet potatoes.   No wonder she's only had 8 ounces of a bottle since 8:00 this AM and it's almost 2:00. 

They went for a walk around the 'hood.

Chucky sitting in her throne.  She's close to growing out of it :(

Sitting in the Bumbo playing with toys.
She's down for the count right now.  I am hoping she cranks out a good nap!

The other night was curriculum night.  Jack had to complete a news article on himself.  Apparently I'm chopped liver b/c his Dad's his hero!  He 'taught him how to play sports and taught him his manners.'

Until next time...

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