Sunday, September 15, 2013

Little Baller

Well- it's 8:01 on Sunday night and the boys aren't quite home yet.  They left this AM at 9:15.   They're pushing a 12 hour day at the ball field. 

It's been such a great weekend for Jack and I am so thankful the girls and I got to see him play for a little bit yesterday and two full games today. 

Of course he started at pitcher yesterday - the one game we were definitely not going to b/c Ri's game started 30 minutes prior to Jack's.  
But - as soon as Todd texted me that Jack was starting the 1st game on the mound the girls and I bolted to the field and caught the last inning he pitched.  

The rest of the weekend he either played short stop or second base and did great.   He made some really good plays and they won 2 games and lost 2 games.   (He played three games with his normal team and filled in on the other team for one game earlier today).  

Ri met some new girls and played with them which made the time pass quickly for her.  
Hadley napped in her stroller (after Paa Paa pushed her around the field a few times) and was passed around to a few different mommies!    

The girls and I left after the first two games were over. 
We had had enough to say the least.  

This kid LOVES baseball and I LOVE watching him. 
I hope he continues to play for a long time!

Until next time....

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