Monday, September 9, 2013

Five Months

Well, well my sweet little Boo Boo has been here for five months already. 
I cannot believe it. 
I seriously feel like these past five months have flown by. 
Every night I count my blessings and think to myself - whew.  Another day in the books. 

And honestly - these days lately have been less than desirable. 

But - I'll save that for after I update all of the fun things Hadley is up to these days. 

After getting a slight slap on the wrist from our pediatrician for giving her rice cereal I started her back on oatmeal today. 
She loved it. 
I mixed with with some formula and a tad bit of applesauce and she ate it up. 

Seriously- the cheeks are to die for. 
And the hair?   Best side mullet in town.  

These last few weeks have been filled with firsts. 

First time in exersaucer. 
First time in Johnny Jumper.
First time at a soccer game :).

A little fuzzy but I couldn't resist. 

Hadley smiles constantly. 
Like all the time. 
Once in a while she gives someone the lower lip pout - and it's usually an adult male. 
But mostly she smiles at people. 
If I am holding her and someone is oohhing and aahhing over her she digs her face in my chest likes she's embarrassed.  It's hilarious. 
Her Thursday babysitter started last week. 
Miss Donna LOVED my baby girl and Hadley LOVED Miss Donna.  

Love the fat rolls. 
Those fat rolls are filling up 12-18 month clothes already!
Hadley gets a bath every single night.  Without fail.
Her neck gets so crusty from all the rolls that she has to have a bath. 

For some reason the next few pics are sideways. 
I'm too lazy to fix them and upload them again.  

See that grin?
Makes my heart smile. 

Some more things Hadley is doing these days: 

Chewing fingers. 
Rolling onto her tummy from her back easily. 
Twisting and turning all over her crib (we just lowered it half way). 
Grabbing fistfuls of my skin and squeezing it.  Ouch. 
Chewing incessantly on her Sophie the Giraffe. 
Putting everything in her mouth. 
Babbling quite a bit. 
Making this weird sound when she breathes in.  Really weird.  And only once in a while. 
Scared me to death first time she did it.  

Other tidbits about Boom Boom to remember:

She has completely forgotten how to suck her thumb. 
That means nap time isn't as easy as it used to be. 
Morning naps aren't too bad. 
Mid-day naps are normally in her carseat (which she is quickly outgrowing). 
Afternoon naps are in her swing lately. 
She fights that afternoon nap so I just dump her in the swing, buckle her up and leave her in her room. 
I can watch her on the monitor and she cranks out a fairly decent nap. 
Normally 1-2 hours. 

The other wonderfully beautiful thing (not) about Hadley Mae is her ability to roll over to her stomach in the middle of the night and the INABILITY to roll over onto her back. 
This leads to a cry out for mommy. 

And the pic below is how I always find her. 
Face down in her crib. 
If she could just turn her head sideways and fall asleep like that I'd be fine. 
But no.  She faceplants into her mattress and eventually cries out. 
This often leads to a wide awake Hadley who then wants to eat a bottle!
No fun. 

She went 6-7 weeks of sleeping 12 straight hours and the last two weeks she's been up at least once every night. 
No fun. 
Mommy wants to get up and hit the gym early a few days a week. 
Not happening until Prissy sleeps all night again. 

This too shall pass. 
It's only temporary. 
And honestly - one day she won't want me near her so I'll take it while I can get it. 

Besides - snuggling with this sweet tankalicious in the middle of the night isn't so bad. 
It's just makes for one tired momma. 

But I do love her so. 

And I am ever so grateful God decided to bless us with her. 

Until next time...

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