Thursday, August 1, 2013

Washer and Dryer

When I was nine months pregnant and in serious pain with my back issues the kids stepped it up with chores around the house.  
I taught them both how to change the clothes from the washer to the dryer.
Of course it was mostly Riley that helped with those types of chores. 
She actually likes chores. 
Not so much.

So - fast forward to the other night. 

Riley and I were lying on the bed playing Mancala and Jack comes running in the bedroom, jumping on the bed, annoying us both. 
At the same time the washer starts to beep and I tell Jack to go put the clothes in the dryer. 

Simple task, right?
Not so much. 

Todd, Ri and I were all upstairs (Had's long been asleep) and we hear all of these random beeps coming from the washing machine. 
Jack was supposed to be starting the dryer. 
A couple of minutes later, and many beeps later, he runs upstairs and says he can't figure it out. 

He put all of the clothes in the dryer but couldn't get it to start. 
So - since the DRYER wouldn't start he decided to start pressing buttons on the WASHER. 
Yes he did. 

He tells us:
"I couldn't get the dryer to start to I just tried to start the washer!"

I cannot believe it. 
I do not know how I birthed such a spacey kid. 
God bless him and let's hope he finds a wife that will take care of him. 

On the same note - I have been making the kids put their clothes away. 
The control freak in me is giving up some control and having the kids take over some of these chores. 
The other day Jack was putting his clothes away.  
He had a golf shirt to hang in the closet - which threw him for a loop. 
 I told him to just figure it out and if he needed help just ask his sister. 

Well - yesterday I was in his closet, pulling a couple of golf shirts out and grabbed the black one (the one he put a few days prior).  
It was on a hanger - UPSIDE DOWN. 
I swear to God. 
The collar was facing down and somehow the hangar was holding the shirt up from the bottom. 

Poor thing. 

Until next time....

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