Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sweet Girl

Many times throughout this summer Jack and Ri will be off doing their thing - either with friends, with their Dad, with each other or just by themselves in their rooms playing. 

So - many times it's just me and Hadley. 
We hang out a lot. 
Lately she prefers to be on the floor, "playing" with toys.  Basically she looks at herself in the toy mirror and grasps for toys as much as she can. 
I put small toys in her hand that she can hold and they go right in her mouth. 

Her hands are probably her favorite toy right now. 
She stares at them, twists them around, holds them together and gnaws on them constantly.  I am surprised they aren't raw b/c she is always chewing on her fists.  Sometimes double fisted. 

And she laughs. 
A lot. 
It's easy to get her to laugh and I just love listening to it. 
It's such a sweet sound. 

She's been napping great - most of the time.  About every 3-4 days she fights me on the late afternoon nap.  
Last night she went to bed at 6:15.  I fed her at 6:05 this AM and put her right back in her bed.  
She didn't get out until 9:15. 
15 hours!
But then she only took two 20 minute naps in her car seat plus a 1 hour 15 min nap in her bed this afternoon before retiring for the night at 6:20 tonight. 

Poor thing will have to readjust as soon as baseball, soccer and gymnastics start in late August. 

My sweet girl: 

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