Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cups and More

It's July 30th.  
That means in two days it will be August. 
I am not sure where this summer has gone but in three and a half weeks school starts up again. 
I don't know if that makes me jump for joy or frown in sadness. 
Probably a little of both. 

The kids have been busy since we returned from our vacations. 

They've had sleepovers. 
Played with friends. 
Played lots of golf in the yard. 
Been swimming a few times. 
Gone to baseball and dance camp again. 
Played on their iPad and iPod more than I would like to admit. 
Worn out the ping pong table in the basement. 
Played numerous rounds of Uno, Phase Ten and now Mancala. 
Shopped for school clothes. 
Fought with each other - more than my sanity can handle. 

Lots of fun things going on. 
Some nice down time as well. 

Hadley has gotten into a nice groove lately. 
She goes to bed anywhere from 6:00 - 7:00 at night - depending on how her late afternoon nap goes. 
She sleeps easily 12 - 13 hours straight. 
It's crazy how long she cranks out some sleep at night. 
I wake sometimes and peek at her through our video monitor and she's just fine. 
Although one AM she was turned the opposite direction from which she started.
She laughs with ease now and has some stranger anxiety at times. 
She is so much fun and I enjoy every single minute with her. 
Before I know it she'll be four months!  

Ri has a daddy/daughter trip to Atlanta this weekend.  They're going to visit the American Doll Store and spend some time at the big aquarium.   She is so excited.  
Jack and I are going to do some school shopping and stock up on some baseball gear for the fall. 

The big kids are headed to the beach next week. 
They'll have tons of one on one attention from Gammy and Poppy - which has never happened before. 
Hadley and I are going to hang out I suppose.  It will be weird to only have Hadley around but I am looking forward to it. 

I'll end this post with a video I took today. 
The kids are OCD with the "Cups" song.  It's a cute song from the move "Pitch Perfect" that was out this spring.   
They are barely in sync with each other but it's cute. 
Plus the ended is so typical .

Until next time.....

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